A dynamic, visionary and entrepreneurial spirit personality Malik Nazir Ahmed Awan started his remarkable journey by establishing Al-Awan Industries in early ninety. He started his life as Construction Engineer and participated in the construction of Mangla dam, Tarbala dam and many more mega projects in the country and abroad especially in Iran and Saudia Arabia.

Al-Awan Industries has acquired different business divisions under her banner. Our core business activities are as manufacturer, importer, exporter and informative services provider that geared towards superior risk management and sophisticated hedging for businesses exposed to financial product market risk. As major regions in the global economy are growing at a robust pace and becoming more integrated with each other, the corporate sector also strives to become bigger.

During last 20 years, the company’s growth rate averaged 8.4%, which is well above the industry average. This was achieved by combining internal product driven growth, together with acquisition - since 1990. Our management and employees acquired the majority shares in the company with the backing of our financial partners in 2010.

As a service and manufacturing oriented company, we proudly claim that we have invested heavily in both technological and human resource to provide a solid foundation for conducting business and make sure that our customers get the maximum value for their inter action with us. The ability to integrate new businesses and products successfully into a wider strategic vision has been critical to our success.

Our Mission
Al-Awan Industries believes that new ideas and approaches in the field of sports & fitness, personal protection & safety, food security, instrumental creativity, energy through alternative sources and health for all is required beyond language, regional, religious barriers and local customs for the well beings of all mankind.

So we at Al-Awan Industries, we keep our business philosophy simple: We respect, value, and honor our commitments and partnerships, whether they are local or half-way around the world. We base our success on your success, as we are in business to grow your business. We have three fundamental core principles values of solidarity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit which is acquired from late Malik Nazir Ahmed Awan, Chairman and Chief Executive officer.

Al-Awan Industries is a visible supporter and contributor of various welfare and social programmes around the globe. Our contribution starts from offering assistance in research & development, production and supply of animal health products to the poorest livestock owners in Pakistan and abroad, like our SOS (Stamp Out Sleeping sickness) programme in Uganda and advocacy on No Child Labour in the different industries of Sialkot with the cooperation of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industries are few examples.

Team Behind
The Executive Committee is above all a team, which considers the major issues facing the group, and then makes decisions including the most difficult ones, in a frank and ethical way.

The members of the Executive Committee are :
Malik Nazir Ahmed Awan ( late ) : Pioneer, Chairman and Chief Executive officer
Background, from the left to the right :

Nadeem Ahmed Awan : Chairman and Chief Executive officer
Division sports goods & wears and personal protection & safety and alternative energy development sources business unit.

Dr. Naeem Nazir Awan :
Division pharmaceuticals for human & livestock, agro base industries, strategic business development unit,

Qadeer Nazir Awan :
Division surgical instruments, global support functions and marketing business unit

Malik Amman Ul Zahid Awan :
Division commercial and domestic operations business unit


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