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We are dedicated to combating zoo noses which carry the threat of serious pandemics, particularly in a world of ever increasing mobility. We want to underline the fact for safety of food products and threat to the life of mankind and animals have recently become a huge subject of public concern. Both existing and future biological products will help to ensure the regular availability of safe, quality animal & plants protein for all mankind.

Research and development

Basic corporrate values of Al-Awan Industries is : "Innovation so we emphasis on scientific logics, moral reasoning and research based discussion".We do arrange regular expert groups meetings with our teammates which give them the opportunity to network internally as well as with the many external institutes, universities and private researchers that contribute significantly to our R&D programmes.

Al – Awan Industries production policy reflects our international strategy to be global, i.e. to achieve the synergies and excellence driven by global stakeholders and then to ensure that we " fan this out " and achieve the same standards in our local atmosphere situated close to local markets in order to ensure maximum reactivity for our customers.


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