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Al-Awan sports and fitness division of Al-Awan Group is engaged in the production and export world-class Sports goods & team Sports articles since last Four decades.

Our major products are hands machine made balls of all kinds, like scoccer ball, hand ball volley ball, soft ball, rugby ball, base ball, cricket ball, basket ball, field and ice hockey, base bat, cricket bat and team sports uniform.

Weight Lifting Belts / Gloves, Boxing Gloves / Mitts, Punching Training Mitts / Bags, Knee / Elbow, Wrist Wraps / Straps. All kinds of Gym (Ring) articles and accessories plus Foot Balls / Beach Balls and accessories.

We strive to breack previous record by continously upgrading our manufacturing process, managerial skills and enhance the quality of product and services. As we measure our success in your success, so we see it in the eyes of ouy customers and in the goodwill of our stock holder & distrubitors.

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